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Wildlife & Conservation
About This Charity

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary seeks to provide shelter from harm and the promise of a brighter future. Their mission has always been to provide a safe haven for animals until caring permanent owners can be found and this continues to be the purpose of the charity today.


Holly Hedge Sanctuary was first registered as a charity in 1982 although it’s founder, Pauline Leeson, has dedicated her whole life to animal welfare. Until 1992, when kennels were purchased and became ‘Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary’, Pauline worked from her own home with the support of foster carers.


They now rescue and rehome approx 800 animals every year, and rely on the generosity and goodwill of their volunteers, fundraisers, community and business supporters to keep their kennel & cattery doors open.


It is a continuous up-hill struggle to raise funds to cope with the ever-increasing numbers of homeless animals who need our help. Many come to them with broken spirits, broken limbs and broken hearts. It is on-going, but with our help they can continue to offer a loving, safe haven until they are chosen to be someone’s much loved pet.


For further information follow them on social media and visit their website


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