Awemix Watches | 6 months in…
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We recently crossed our 6 MONTH MILESTONE and wanted to highlight some of our fantastic achievements to date!!

First off, through the sale of our watches and the great work of our community we have raised over £215 for the four charities we’ve supported.


We are so proud of this achievement and it is far more than we had anticipated at this moment in time. We’d like to thank everyone for trusting in us and supporting us and our charities!

Help us reach our £100 target
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We have supported 4 charities over the past 6 months, and held 2 community votes!


When our community voted on the first charities they wanted us to support (Norfolk Wildlife Trust & Keeping Abreast), we went to go sit down with the charities over a cup of tea and listen to the amazing work they do in the community, which was really humbling and fired us up to go beyond our beta phase into first full inventory.


We recently finished our week long vote for our next charities to support (CoppaFeel! & Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary), which had awesome interaction from all the charities involved members, we had over 180 votes and a social media reach of over 1000+ accounts. We are now looking to sit down with them to hear about the great work they do and collaboration ideas.

Who we currently support

For the past few months we have selectively chosen 15 brilliant and enthusiastic individuals to develop our ambassador program with us. We are proud of the work we have done together and are happy to announce that tomorrow we will be launching it for the general public to apply for.


Our ambassadors are a key part of engagement, mission and growth. They are a tangible representation of our mission of making a difference in the community, and allow us to spread our core values by acting as advocates in the local community and hopefully positively affect many charities and those who benefit from them.


Our ambassadors also gives the charities we work with a network of passionate youngsters to connect with, who want to be mobilised to help out and make a difference but currently feel paralysed by the overwhelming opportunities out there, without being sure they are having a personal impact.

Become an ambassador
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Awemix Watches can be found in three stores around East Anglia such as DogFish and Catfish, with further national expansions planned.


Before we bought our first stock of watches, we went door-to-door asking neighbours and members of the local community about the initiative and whether they would buy a watch and thought it was a good idea. After we had an overwhelming response we decided to pursue Awemix Watches, so we invested in sample stock and got a pedlar’s certificate from the local police station and every day for a week we would take a camping table out into the city with a card reader we bought (@izettle ) and sell our watches.

Awemix Watches have partnered with numerous universities across the country, from Aberdeen to UEA, as well as Raise the Bar; a spoken word events company.


We will soon be launching an exciting opportunity, that we have developed with these universities, that other universities will be able to apply for which will enable them to have a greater impact in their local community.

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We now have a great following on social media that allows us to promote and educate a wider audience on the amazing work the charities we support do.


As well as, enabling us to be an active voice in the local community and be directly connected with those who work with us or may do in the future!